Travel Health Insurance

Travelers who purchase coverage -after August 6, 2020, may be eligible for benefits directly or indirectly related to COVID-19, as long as the DOS or CDC has not issued a Level 3 or higher Travel Warning for your destination country.

Global Medical Insurance for US Resident

  • Long-term

  • Short-term

  • Multi Travel

Travelling Internationally

Global Crew Medical Insurance

Global Crew Medical Insurance

Worldwide coverage for professional marine captains & crew members

A long-term, annually renewable, comprehensive worldwide medical insurance program for professional marine captains and crew.


  • Plan Flexibility

  • Choice of Coverage Area

  • Freedom to Choose Your Health Care Provider

  • Travel Intelligence Services

  • Assistance Services

Who the plan is designed for:

  • Individual coverage

  • Captains of vessels

  • Crew members working at sea

international health insurance for travel

World Nomads