Best dental, vision, hearing plans that allows you to choose any dentist of your choice! Next day coverage that you can use immediately for expensive majore services.

cheap dental plans

Amerita Insurance
Dental & Vision

No waiting- immediate coverage

Humana Insurance
Dental & Vision

Veteran Plans Available

Manhattan Life
Dental, Vision, & Hearing

Family Rates (includes a maximum of 4 children) 

Guaranteed renewable for life*

Issue ages 3 to 85

BestONE Insurance
Dental Only

NO Deductibles

Implants Covered on Major Services

Issue Ages to 99

Dental, vision and hearing Insurance:

Most major health insurance plans do not offer dental, vision, and hearing coverage. Mostly because they are considered SUPPLEMENTAL benefits.

These are purchased separately along with individual health insurance, because health insurance does not offer vision, dental, and hearing benefits.

Today the marketplace does have a few plans that include dental and vision for adults. All marketplace plans include dental and vision for anyone under 18yrs of age. You can see which plans include dental & vision coverage when you compare marketplace plans.


You will find that we offer standalone supplement plans to those that aren’t able to find a plan on the marketplace. The following carriers above are available for standalone purchase whether you have major health insurance or not, you may still purchase a dental, vision or hearing plan. Plans are available to individuals and family at an affordable rate.